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Adeshe Real Estate comes along to help you achieve your goals through:

  • ● A Joint Venture model
  • ● Real Estate Consulting Services


Joint Venture

As an investor, you provide the equity down payment for the investment and we use our expertise and experience to make the investment flourish.

We do everything from:

  •   ●  Searching, analyzing and finding the best real estate deals.
  •   ●  Negotiating the deal and undertaking due diligence
  •   ●  Managing the mortgage process and closing the deal
  •   ●  Manage the process of filling the property with quality profitable tenants
  •   ●  Increasing value through forced appreciation
  •   ●  Manage Property Managers
  •   ●  Managing finances, bill payments, transactions
  •   ●  Exiting the investment- Sale of the property for the highest price


With a joint venture, a strong win-win partnership is formed between you as the investor and Adeshe Real Estate.

For your security, your name is secured on title of the property.


Consulting Services

We provide consulting services to help you invest in syndicate mortgages. You can invest directly into the proven market of Canadian real estate by becoming a mortgage lender. Your principal amount is fully secured against the subject property (as a mortgage) where you enjoy steady interest on your funds and, where available, a deferred lender fee at the end of your term.

We source, facilitate your investment in and monitor your investments in syndicate mortgages on your behalf.

Enjoy fixed terms, defined horizons, and the unique security only available through a syndicate mortgage.


Contact us today if you want us to help you achieve your goals.