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institutional investors


Adeshe Real Estate caters to institutional investors by providing consulting services in:

  •   ● sourcing,
  •   ● facilitating investment in and
  •   ● monitoring the progress of real estate investments

in Canada as well as the USA to generate effective investment returns for our clients.

We create value for our investor network because of our key strengths –

  •   ● an ability to source opportunities with high value potential,
  •   ● manage those opportunities either directly or through trusted strategic partners who share our vision,
  •   ● and deliver value through a long term approach.


Projects we facilitate include :

  •   ● commercial (office, retail, industrial) income properties,
  •   ● multi-residential income properties
  •   ● construction and development projects.

Investments may be in the form of equity positions or secured debt (mortgage) positions.

Our goal is to create value in real estate and thereby increase investment returns significantly for our Investor Partners.


Our Industry Partners

Our industry partners bring to the table expertise in:

  •   ● real estate acquisition,
  •   ● finance,
  •   ● construction and development
  •   ● and asset management.

Working as a team on each project, we draw on our complementary knowledge and deep experience to create value and wealth in real estate projects.

When you invest with us, while  meeting your goals is our priority, we continually aim to exceed even your targets  We aim to bring projects to you that are a cut above the rest, manage  the risk involved and facilitate the process to achieve exceptional returns.

Adeshe Real Estate offers various real estate investment opportunities to Investors.

Both income property and development projects in single and syndicate structures are available.


By investing with us, you:

  •   ● benefit from participating in larger projects thereby spreading your risk
  •   ● participate in real estate investments without having to directly purchase real estate
  •   ● diversify into real estate investments without having to manage real estate yourself
  •   ● benefit from the wealth of experience of the team as we partner with you
  •   ● choose between equity or secured debt (mortgage) options
  •   ● receive regular reports on your investments


Contact us today for more detailed information about our investment options.


**Past Performance is not a guarantee of future returns.